Giant Cheque Printing

TR Trades does Giant Cheque Printing in a short amount of time. Delivery or Pick up. Upload your own design here, or design online by clicking the button below. If you have tight turn around, it is best to send your job through and discuss the details with our sales department at 604-736-8341. Once you upload your file, our team will call you to discuss the specifications and confirm your order details.

Oversized giant cheques are perfect for photo media ops. Often used for charities, giveaways/contests, special events & more.

Our standard sized cheques are printed full colour, on a Glossy Adhesive Vinyl and mounted on all-weather Coroplast substrate.

If you require a custom sized cheque and other mounting options, please give us a call at 604.736.8341 to place an order.

We have the following options for substrates:

  • White or Black Foamcore: lightweight, rigid material with a foam core.
  • White or Black Mightycore: long lasting, lightweight and rigid foam-like material, resists bowing/warping to due temperature and humidity changes.
  • Brown or White Enviromount: 100% recycled, sturdy, natural fibre alternative to plastic display boards, fully biodegradable and repulpable.
  • Enviroslim: 100% recycled, white, thin, natural fibre alternative to plastic display boards, fully biodegradable and repulpable.

For more details on mounting options and photo examples, please visit this page (opens in new window).



Additional information


24in x 48in, 30in x 60in, 46in x 92in

Gian check finishing


Giant Cheque Material

10mm White Coroplast, 3/16th White Mightyfoam, 4mm White Coroplast

Design and Setup

No, I will provide Ready to Print files, Yes, Please design my cheque +$25 (text, images, file setup)

What are my shipping options?

We have a few shipping options available: Regular (3-5 business days) and Rush (1-2 business days). Currently we offer shipping within Greater Vancouver Area. If you require a shipment beyond this area, please contact us at 604.736.8341 for your shipping options.

Giant cheques are an oversized item, and because of this, your order may incur additional chargers if shipping beyond Greater Vancouver Area.

What materials are VancouverSigns' Giant Cheques are made from?

Giant Cheques are made from top-quality 4mm, 10mm Coroplast & 3/16th White Mightyfoam, a widely used material in advertising, stationery and packaging products. It is tough, light, waterproof and strain-resistant.

How thick are the Cheques?

Standard selection is 4mm, 10mm, 3/16th thick. Other options and mounting materials available upon request. Please call 604.736.8341 for more info.

Can I use my design/image?

Absolutely! If can upload your Ready to Print file with your online order by clicking "Upload Files". You can also use our Design Online tool or we can design a custom cheque just for you for a small fee.

How durable are big cheques?

Your big cheque can last a long timeĀ  with proper handling and care. Our standard Coroplast material adds an extra protection and rigidity to your cheque: it is sturdy, lightweight and compared to foamcore products it is water proof.

How fast can you print my cheque?

You have an option to expedite your order by selecting "Rush" under Turnaround Time drop down. Our Regular order turnaround times are 3-5 business days and Rush orders are 1-2 business days. You can facilitate the turnaround times by providing a high-quality, print ready artwork/design files. Any issues with your uploaded files can cause a delay in processing your order.

Are my cheques re-usable?

Yes, every cheque ordered at comes with dry-erase finish, meaning you can continuously re-use your cheque just like a dry-erase board!

Is your question not listed here?

Please give us a call at 604.736.8341 and we will be happy to assist you!