TR Trades Online Web to Print Portal

The TR Trades FILECONNECT system is a Web to Print portal customized for clients who are re-ordering print material like site signs, brochures, manuals, and business cards. It is designed to simplify ordering, as well as making shipping either to a head office or anywhere across Canada quicker and easier.


Anyone that wants to streamline their corporate branding and save time placing orders will benefit from the FILECONNECT system.

Construction Companies

managing site and safety signage


ordering sales center material, handouts, signage, or other corporate material


ordering manuals on-demand


ordering faculty or student material on-demand


Saving Time
Reducing ordering errors
Consistent Branding
Saving Money

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently we are setting clients up on FILE CONNECT at no charge if we feel there is mutual benefit between the customers and TR Trades Reproduction Ltd. There may be additional development charges per hour for development of your company’s web to print portal beyond basic layouts.
  • TR Trades will set you and your team up on FILECONNECT at no charge. During onboarding, we’ll connect with you to go over your needs and analyze your files. There may be additional development charges depending on your files, design requirements, or to extend your Web to Print portal beyond its basic layout.

To place an order, simply log in to FILECONNECT and you’ll see all your files and options in your dashboard. Click the files you want to add them to your cart and hit submit. Done!

Call us right away at 604-736-4571 x 112 with your confirmation number to let us know you have changes to your job. Our team may ask you to e-mail those changes for clarification to

All pricing in FILECONNECT is based on pre-existing contract pricing with your company. Your order will be added to your standing credit billing invoice sent to your head office.

Production time will vary depending on the size of the order. If you’re up against a critical timeframe, let us know and as always, TR Trades will do our best to accommodate your deadline. Please contact our sales team at 604-736-4571 x 2.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or are interested in having FILECONNECT set up for your company, fill out the forms below and one of our team members will reach out to you.

Or if you prefer, you can call us at 604.736.8341