Useful Articles How Having More Hard Copy Drawings Can Minimize Project Cost Overruns Whether you’re a project manager, architect, or contractor, hard copy prints are key to any successful building project. At the same time, forward-leaning teams and project accountants hoping to cut … Read More

File Connect

TR Trades Online Web to Print Portal LOGIN The TR Trades FILECONNECT system is a Web to Print portal customized for clients who are re-ordering print material like site signs, brochures, manuals, and business cards. It is designed to simplify … Read More


What is Lamination? Lamination is a form of protection for your projects. It preserves their condition and extends its life. In addition to improving the sturdiness and water resistance, lamination enhances the overall appearance. Also by laminating frequently used materials … Read More

Graphic Design Services
Page – your single shop for design and print 0 years in business We know how to design for web and print. We work closely with clients to design them what they need on time and on budget. Our Services … Read More

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